What We Do

General Contractors

Protect your client’s facilities from unwanted dust and debris during material handling.

  • Pro-86 (1/2 yard Dumpster)
  • Pro-108 (3/4 and 1 yard Dumpster)




Make protecting all your job site materials and equipment less time consuming.Protect it using the easy to install and removable breathable dust covers. From small Fans, GRDs, Skids of Ductwork, Boxes of elbows, Fittings, and up to 100” diameter Ductwork, we have you covered.

  • Pro-18 Through Pro-160
  • Pro-108 (Skid of Ductwork)



Sport & Leisure

Off-season protection for your valuable investment with the breathable

  • Pro-108 (Bicycles)
  • Pro-130 ( Motorcycles 750 CC or Smaller)
  • Pro-160 ( Motorcycles 750 CC or Larger)


Fan Filters

Keep your Pedestal Fans performing like new by preventing excessive dirt on the fan blades and enclosure. These disposable filters reduce the amount of airborne particulate in your workplace without reducing airflow. Made from Polypropylene with an Open Motor Design, these Filters complete with Hook and Loop Closures, make the installation effortless. Ordering the correct size is as easy as measuring the fan diameter.